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Understanding Gridwire for Your Bird Solutions

Oct 14

Gridwire is an effective bird deterrent that can be used on a wide range of large birds. You might wonder if gridwire is an effective way to help customers with problems with geese. Gridwire can be used to control birds in your area by explaining what it is, how it works and the circumstances it may be most useful.

What's Gridwire?

Gridwire is an exclusion method that can be used to control large pest birds. Gridwire is made from a series cable of different thicknesses. This can be used as a protection for roofs and other open areas where large birds gather. Gridwire can be suspended in different horizontal and vertical designs by professionals to deter large-sized aquatic birds. You can protect parking lots, warehouse roofs, or other nesting areas from large aquatic birds like geese and gulls.

Gridwire installation is usually more difficult than other methods. Gridwire can be used where other bird deterrents will fail. It is important to speak with the customer before you decide gridwire is the only solution. This will allow you to understand why other methods are insufficient and if gridwire will prove ineffective.

Gridwire Installation

Installation of gridwire can be more complicated than other bird control methods. Gridwire is like all exclusion products. You'll need to adjust installation to deter certain species of birds. The installation begins with attaching bases to the roof or structure at specific intervals. These intervals can be anywhere from a few inches up through three feet. Grid spacings will vary depending on the species and location.

Once the bases are in place, cables with different thicknesses are tethered to a grid above the roof. Bird control specialists who have experience with advanced and intermediate projects will find this process most useful.

The Dangers of Geese on Rooftops

People are often surprised to discover that geese nest in a variety of rooftops. Geese migrate and nest in urban areas. Therefore, nesting on roofs such as rooftops or commercial buildings is common for them.

Even though the idea that geese might be around your house or business may not seem significant, there are many reasons they probably won't. Consider these facts before you decide to feed migratory gooses.

  • * An adult goose can produce approximately 2 pounds of excrement every day.
  • * Nesting geese are extremely protective and can be aggressive towards people who come within their territory, eggs, or goslings.
  • * Bird excrement may clog gutters, contaminate water standing, and cause damage to buildings' exterior surfaces.
  • * Geese eat roofing materials and can cause serious damage and leaks.

Canada geese in the United States are protected under federal law. It is against the law to harm the eggs and nests, goslings, and adult geese, without permission from US Fish and Wild Service. If the nests, eggs, goslings, geese, and nests are not damaged, it's legal in the United States to scare off Canadian Geese.

Gridwire Works for Geese

Gridwire's effectiveness in catching geese depends on the specific circumstances of your location. Adult geese will fly right over and land on roofs. It makes sense to choose them as nesting areas because they have an advantage over predators. Geese can count on water and food availability because humans are nearby.

These advantages make roofs the ideal nesting place for virtually any bird. Heavy pressure areas, like all bird control efforts are harder to manage. Gridwire might be the best solution. However, it will depend on the specific features of your project.

Gridwire Roofs

Many people use netting to keep birds from nesting on roofs in many locations. The netting can become ineffective in areas where snow and/or ice are present. Gridwire is an excellent substitute for netting in these situations. Gridwire can deter birds larger than gulls, such as geese. Gridwire can be very effective for geese if they aren't already nesting on your roof.

Geese have a strong protective instinct. If there is an active nest already on your roof, geese may try harder to find their young.

You must address the issue as soon as possible. Even if gridwire works well to keep geese off your roof, stubborn birds can sometimes break the grid lines. Gridwire can be repaired easily, making it a great long-term solution to repel geese.

Gridwire can be an effective way to keep geese from building roofs or other large open areas where they like to land, nest, and roost. Gridwire may not be the best way to deter geese from any given area. As with all bird prevention methods it is important to think about the reasons that geese nest near your home and take steps to prevent them.

The most effective method to deter birds is to use a combination of different methods. This means that visual deterrents should be used early on and then move to gridwire exclusion techniques before birds become active nesters.

Final thoughts on Gridwire as Geese Control

It doesn't really matter if your job is to be a pest controller or to control birds entirely, you need to have a wide range of solutions. It is crucial to determine the best solution for each situation when it comes to bird control. Gridwire is also featured in our "Five Things to Know” series.

Gridwire may not be the first option for deterring geese in all situations, but it is an effective and efficient method to consider in areas with significant snow or ice. You should also consider the following products for geese: Daddi Long legs can be used on a specific area of the roof or over the entire roof. They are less expensive than a Gridwire system. Optical Gel is a treatment that can be used for nesting geese when budget is a concern. Bird Barrier experts are available to help you with your bird control questions. No matter your level of bird control experience, there are always new things to learn.

Bird Barrier

Solid Avian Solutions has been a pioneer in innovative technology to stop birds from nesting, roosting, or landing. We are experts in urban bird control and can help you remove them humanely. Our website, bird control, hosts a wealth of content to help people understand and identify bird control solutions for various problems with pest birds. We are available to help you with any bird-related problem. Bird Deterrents, The Complete Guide is also available for free.

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